Pregnancy Massage Five Dock

Pregnancy is a special time and the health of the mother-to-be and bub is critical at this time. However, the extra weight and the change to the weight distribution can play havoc with pregnant woman's posture. Lower back aches, sciatic type pain, SI joint dysfunction are all common complaints during pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage can address some of these issues whilst also providing nurturing support for the mothers. An experienced maternity massage therapist will be able to provide both physical and emotional relief. Fortunately there are a number of therapists in Five Dock who may be able to help you.

Five Dock Pregnancy Massage

If you are not sure whether pregnancy massage will help you (or indeed is appropriate for your specific pregnancy health concerns) then it is always a good idea to take a little time researching therapists in the Five Dock area. Find out how they work, their level of experience and how suitable they may be for your needs.

Please note: very few experienced therapists would ever recommend that you be massaged on a pregnancy massage table with a hole cut out for the belly. These tables are generally not recommended.

Inner West Mobile Massage
Ph: 0421 410 057
Accredited pregnancy massage therapists available for home visits - why consider the hassle of getting to and from a clinic when you can have the therapist come to you?

Richard Lane Mobile Massage
Ph: 0434 631 987
Although it understandable that many women may prefer female touch during their pregnancy, Richard Lane is an experienced pregnancy massage therapist if you require more remedial style bodywork.
If you are after a nurturing pre-natal massage then female therapists would be more appropriate.